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Bonus Terms and Condition The Pikies 85 net

Are you ready to crack the code on The Pokies 85 Net Casino's bonus bonanza? Bonuses are like the casino's cherry on top, but without knowing the rules, you might miss out on the sweetest part of the deal. So, let's not gamble with the unknown. Instead, I'll take you through the nitty-gritty of bonus terms with a touch of Aussie flair – because who said rules have to be boring?

Understanding Bonus Wagering Requirements

"Strike while the iron's hot," they say, and in casino terms, that means grabbing that bonus when it's fresh. At The Pokies 85 Casino:

  • Every bonus comes with a 30x wager requirement. That's the number of times you need to play through the bonus amount before saying "G'day" to your winnings.
  • Fancy slots? Great choice! They contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements. Table games and live dealers? More like a drop in the ocean, contributing only 3%.

Deposits and Withdrawals: The Lock and Key

When you've got a bonus in your kitty:

  • It's like being in a relationship – you can't see other people (or in this case, deposit or withdraw) until you've met those wagering requirements or decide to break up (read: forfeit the bonus).
  • If you forfeit, remember, it's a clean break. The bonus money and any winnings vanish from your account faster than a dingo runs.

Cashing Out: Knowing the Limits

After you've done the hard yakka and met the wagering terms:

  • Any withdrawal from a no deposit bonus has a maximum cap. Exceed it, and you might as well say goodbye to the excess before cashing out.

One Bonus to Rule Them All

Bonuses are like mates – one at a time:

  • Only one bonus per person. That's per email or IP, unless we're feeling extra generous.
  • The minimum deposit for a bonus craving is $20.
  • Real money first, bonus money later – that's the order of play.
  • No stacking of deposit bonuses. We keep it fair dinkum here.

Play Fair or Walkabout

We're all about a fair go:

  • If we sniff out bonus abuse, we'll withhold or seize winnings. No one likes a cheat.
  • Try any funny business with the bonus offers, and you could be saying hooroo to any bonuses and winnings.
  • Using sneaky strategies to meet wagering requirements? Not cool. We'll void those winnings quicker than you can say "jackpot."

Changes and Updates

Just like the weather in Melbourne, bonus terms can change:

  • We reserve the right to tweak these terms as we see fit.


Q: Can I withdraw my winnings from a bonus immediately?

A: Not so fast! You've got to meet the 30x wagering requirement first, then you can withdraw up to the maximum cap.

Q: What if I win big with my bonus on slots?

A: Slots are your best bet, contributing 100% to the wagering requirement. Hit it big, and you'll be cashing out in no time (within the limits, of course).

Q: What happens if I deposit while I have a bonus?

A: Hold your horses! You can't deposit or withdraw until you've played through your bonus or decide to forfeit it.

Q: Can I have multiple bonuses at once?

A: Nope, one at a time. It's like going for a surf; you can only ride one wave at a time.

List of Facts

  • Wagering Requirement: The 30x playthrough is a standard industry practice to balance the casino's risk with the player's reward.
  • Game Contributions: Slots often contribute more to wagering requirements due to their higher house edge compared to table games.
  • Withdrawal Caps: These are in place to prevent the casino from significant losses on no deposit bonuses.
  • One Bonus Policy: Limiting bonuses per person prevents bonus farming and maintains fair play.
  • Bonus Abuse: Thepokies85 Net protects its community and itself from fraudulent activities by enforcing strict rules.
  • Strategy Restrictions: To ensure the longevity and sustainability of the casino, strategies aimed solely at exploiting bonuses are prohibited.

Remember, these bonus rules are not to tie you down but to ensure everyone has a fair crack at the whip while keeping the play above board. So, spin those reels, lay those cards, and may the bonuses be ever in your favor at Thepokies 85 Casino!