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Terms and Conditions The pokies 85 casino

Welcome to the ultimate walkthrough of Thepokies 85 Net Australia Casino's terms and conditions. It's the rulebook every savvy player needs to navigate the gaming waters smoothly. With expert insights from the likes of James 'Jackpot' Johnson, a renowned gambling strategist, let's dissect these rules, so you're playing smarter, not harder. Ready to become an ace in the deck of online gaming? Let's shuffle through the terms that shape your play!

General Rules of The Game

Before you ante up, here are the ground rules:

  • The Law of the Land: Operated under Curacao's watchful eye, Thepokies 85 Net Casino is as legit as they come.
  • Binding Agreement: By creating an account, you're shaking hands with the casino's terms. No pinky promises needed, just your nod of approval.
  • Read 'Em and Weep (Or Not): Flip through these terms like a pro; if something doesn't jive, hit the road, Jack.

Parties and Licensing

The casino, a digital entity, is licensed under Curacao laws, holding a current license No. 1668/JAZ, which dictates its operational standards and compliance.

Changing the Terms of Use

These terms are dynamic and subject to change. The casino reserves the right to modify them at any time, with changes taking effect upon posting on the site.

Usage: The How-To of Gaming

James 'Jackpot' Johnson says, "Knowing the rules of play is like knowing the back of your hand – essential for the win." Here's what you need to know:

  • Legal Eagles Only: If you're not of legal age, you're out. Keep it clean, keep it legal.
  • Your Turf Matters: Online gambling's got to be above board in your neck of the woods.
  • No Guarantees: Wins and losses are part of the game; Thepokies 85 Net Casino isn't your financial advisor.
  • One Account to Rule Them All: Keep it to one account, and make sure it's all you.

Use of Our Website

The casino's platform is to be used for personal, non-professional gambling activities only, within legal and personal limits.

Restricted Territories and Restricted Jackpot Territories

Access and use are limited to jurisdictions where online gambling is legal. Jackpot availability may vary by location.

Opening Your Account: The Starting Line

Setting up your gaming hub is a breeze:

  • True Blue: Be honest with your details, or it's game over.
  • Keep It Current: Update your info and stay in the game.

Closing Your Account

Users may close their accounts by contacting customer support, with the casino reserving the right to close accounts following terms of use violations.

Inactive Account

Accounts inactive for a specified period may incur fees or be closed.

Registering Your Account

Account creation requires accurate personal details from the user. Misrepresentation may lead to account suspension.

Maintaining Your Account

Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account details and all activities under their account.

Account Funds, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Funds are user-specific, and the casino is not a financial institution. Deposits and withdrawals must adhere to the stated limits and may be subject to verification.

Deposits: Fueling Your Play

Loading your account with chips is straightforward:

  • Quick and Easy: Funds fly in fast after a nod from your bank.
  • Stay Within the Lines: Don't overshoot the max deposit limits.

Withdrawals: The Sweet Sound of Ka-Ching!

Cashing out is what it's all about:

  • Speedy Service: We're quick, but sometimes banks drag their feet.
  • Play Before Pay: Spin through your deposit at least once (thrice for credit cards) to keep things kosher.

Payments of Winnings

Winnings are paid out following the completion of all stated requirements, with the casino reserving the right to validate the legitimacy of the win.

Currencies and Currency Arbitrage

Multiple currencies may be available for transactions, but currency arbitrage is strictly prohibited.

Maximum Payout and Jackpot Wins

There's a ceiling to winnings, with a maximum payout limit in place. Jackpot wins are subject to additional verification and validation procedures.

Breaches and Termination: The Red Cards

Play by the rules, or it's the bench for you:

  • Don't Mess With the Game: We'll hit pause on your play if things look shady.

Play for Fun Account

"Play for fun" accounts are available but do not involve monetary transactions or real winnings.


Users agree to indemnify the casino against any losses, costs, or damages incurred by their breach of terms.


The casino employs anti-fraud measures and will act against any fraudulent activity on its platform.

Complaints and Disputes

A formal process is in place for complaints and disputes, which aims to resolve issues in a fair and timely manner.

Compliance with Laws

Users are responsible for ensuring that their use of the casino's services complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Information We Collect About You

The casino collects personal information for service provision and may share this with third parties under strict privacy terms.


Promotions are subject to specific terms, and the casino reserves the right to alter or withdraw promotions at its discretion.

No Warranty

The casino provides its services "as is" without any express warranties or guarantees.

Right to Void

The casino reserves the right to void any bets or games should a malfunction occur.

Limitation of Liability

The casino's liability is limited as per the terms, with users participating at their own risk.

IT Failure

The casino is not liable for losses incurred due to IT failures or disruptions.

Intellectual Property Rights

All content on the casino's website is owned by or licensed to the casino and protected by intellectual property laws.


Other provisions and operational rules are outlined in this section, covering aspects not specifically mentioned in previous sections.

Welcome Bonus Terms And Conditions

The Welcome Bonus is subject to the casino's standard bonus terms, including wagering requirements, and is available only once per user/IP.


Q: Can I play if I'm under 18?

A: Nope. It's 18 and over only, mate.

Q: What happens if I lie about my age?

A: If we catch you, it's a straight red card – account suspension.

Q: Can I withdraw my winnings whenever I want?

A: Sure, but remember the playthrough requirements – they're the ticket to your payout.

List of Facts

  • Licensing: Thepokies 85 Net Casino's license from Curacao ensures legal and fair play — information are not confirmed
  • Age Restriction: As with global gambling practices, the 18+ rule is strictly enforced.
  • Playthrough Requirements: These are in place to prevent money laundering, a standard in the industry.
  • Account Accuracy: Providing accurate information is a cornerstone of a trustworthy gambling environment.

Remember, these terms aren't just fine print; they're the playbook for a top-notch gaming experience at Thepokies 85. Keep them close, and you'll be hitting jackpots with the confidence of a pro.